Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome to my Blog

Hi Friends,

This is my first personal blog post. I’m really excited and at the same very nervous too. I have lot of things to share with the world but don’t know from where to start. Besides that I’m a bit hesitant as there are a whole lot of things a person can share with the world and friends, but there are some things which are better kept personal (say - secret). And I’m really confused as to where to draw the line. Sometimes in an open forum like this if a person reveals too much then it may cause embarrassment later. Therefore, I think while discussing any personal details in my blog I will have to keep this thing in mind. I may not give out any names or some details which according to me are better kept deep inside the heart. As I will go about posting the articles all of you will come to know more about me. I hope blogging will be a pleasant experience for me.

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