Monday, September 6, 2010

Ayesha Faridi - The Chartbuster is Back

Thank God, Ayesha Faridi is back after her European tour. Without her presence the TV looked so boring to me. The program ‘Market Sense’ that she co-hosts with Andy Mukherjee seemed like ‘Market Non-sense’ without her. As soon as she returned market started moving upwards to present her a big welcome. She aptly anchors the show ‘Chartbusters’ for she herself is the biggest chartbuster. Being a big fan of hers, I never miss any program anchored by her. Being a trader and investor in stock market, I have to watch Business Channels to keep myself constantly updated about market movements. And in such a hectic routine life Ayesha Faridi’s smile and charm keep me cheerful throughout the day. I love her for her charming personality, flamboyant style, captivating smile and unmatched anchoring skill.  But I think she has done a great injustice to her by joining ET Now as this channel doesn’t give her enough screen presence which is very important for any anchor to increase their fan-base. I would like to see her back at CNBC TV18 hosting alongside extremely beautiful Sonia Shenoy. Both Sonia Shenoy and Ayesha Faridi were irresistible when anchoring the shows like ‘Your Stocks’ et al.

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