Friday, August 6, 2010

ET NOW - So Far a Flop Show

It has been more than a year since ET Now –the new baby of Times Group- went on air, but it is nowhere close to its rival business channel CNBC TV-18. Although it has been able to attract many high profile anchors/presenters from other rival channels, it has failed to deliver in terms of contents. It now has one of the best team of anchors with likes of Ayesha Faridi, Tanvir Gill, Andy Mukherjee, Manisha Gupta, Devina Menon and Avanne Dubhash to name a few. But the channel has failed to utilize their talent well.

Firstly the camera work and visualization is much cluttered and not at all appealing. There are so many things on the screen- with two tickers, so many anchors and analysts in small box-like frames, recommendations from brokerage houses flashing all the time and many such distractions. All these things render the anchors hosting the show totally useless person with no focus on them. If it is going to be like this, then the day is not far when we will get to hear only the voice of an anchor with all the different kind of tickers and flashes all over the TV screen to strain your eyes.

Secondly, the stock tickers of ET Now are quite slow in comparison to other business channels. With so many stocks it takes ages to complete from A to Z stocks. Besides when there is an ad-break the tickers leave their continuity and are randomized. The only thing good about the tickers is that the number of stock is much larger in comparison to other biz channels. Otherwise the ticker management of this channel is quite poor.

Thirdly, the recommendations of stocks flashed continuously are quite boring. It only helps the brokerage houses at the cost of gullible investor/small traders. Moreover many such recommendations are absolutely non-sense. Beside there are many small things which needs correction if ET Now wants to compete with CNBC TV-18. 

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