Thursday, September 29, 2011

ET Now - The No. 1 Business News Channel

ET Now can now rightfully claim to be the No. 1 biz news channel with 42 % viewer-ship as declared through survey by TAM recently. I too agree with it as it has now become my favorite biz news channel. Earlier when the channel was new there were so things I was disappointed with, but now I think channel’s management must also have taken notice of its flaws and corrected them.

First of all, ET Now’s ticker management has improved a lot. In fact, now it’s even better than that of TV18. I think the experience of Ayesha Faridi must have come in handy in this regard. The channel has hired talented anchors and even attracted well-known anchors from other news channels like Ayesha Faridi, Nikunj Dalmia, Manisha Gupta, Tanvir Gill, Shaili Chopra and many others. So now it has got the best team of News Anchors. It seems everything is falling in right places for the channel.

On the other hand, CNBC TV18 is getting worse day by day. It’s losing its sheen now. It has lost most of the anchors which were the back-bone of the channel to ET Now. Moreover, it seems it is unable to get rid of boring anchors like Lata Venkatesh who is not fluent and lacks the flow (which is the hall-mark of a good news-anchor). She is very clumsy and lacks spontaneity. The channel has now only three-four talented news-anchors like Udyan Mukhejee, Mithali Mukherjee and Sonia Shenoy. Besides, the quality of its programming is also deteriorating.  

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  • Anonymous said...

    you are wrong in your interpretation .looks are nit that matter . latha venkatesh is a senior economist and has deep knowledge of reserve banking policies and economics. so just telling someone clumsy or boring on the parlance of looks is a sign of immaturity

  • MSKP said...

    In my post while mentioning Lata Venkatesh I haven't mentioned anything about her looks all I wrote was about the anchoring talent which is quite different from academic qualification acquired through books. There was not a single wrote which was critical about her looks.


  • Anonymous said...

    if not for latha i would not watch CNBCTV18... she is so spontaneous, just not self conscious and is so enthused... i like her the way she is.

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