Monday, September 26, 2011

My Hibiscus Plant

After we shifted to our new house I didn’t had much to do. Since this place was totally new to me, I had no friends here and unlike city I couldn’t take tuitions of high school children also. So I was kind of totally free. Here we have a big compound in front of our house. I spend a lot of time there and it’s quite refreshing because in city it was hard to find an open place where we can get fresh air and plants around us. Our neighbors have variety of plants in their compounds. Since we were new here our compound was totally empty and barren. So I thought of having at least one plant in our compound.

The First Hibiscus Flower

For the First time Plant Produced Three Flowers

One day a plant-seller was passing by with lot of different plants on his cart. I stopped him and inquired him about various plants. I wasn’t interested in rose plant since the climate here in not suitable for it and my previous experience with rose plant was not good. Monkeys never allow rose plant to grow properly. So I was interested in buying plant which gives beautiful flowers. He had many such plants. Many of them were creepers but I wanted to grow plant in a pot. So he showed me hibiscus plant. He had variety of hibiscus plant – one which produce white flower, one with red, pink and yellow respectively. I bought the hibiscus which produce red flower. I got it planted in a pot and kept the pot at one nice corner near our compound gate. Earlier I never saw a hibiscus flower in my life. And my hibiscus plant had only one tiny bud which took two-three days to produce a blooming flower. I was very excited to see a hibiscus flower. When I saw one I was totally surprised to see such a beautiful flower. It was really big and beautiful. Since the flower lasts nearly twelve hours or so. I thought of taking a picture of it. Here are some pictures that I took of the first hibiscus flower.

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